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Enjoy a weekend of authentic, pesticide-free farming


Nearest station: Higashi-Urawa station on the JR Musashino line. About 40 minutes walk from JR Shinjuku Station or Tokyo Station, or 12 minutes walk from JR Higashi-Urawa Station, this is a group of people who enjoy making a citizen’s farm every Saturday with organic farming and no pesticides.

The difference between this group and a normal citizen’s farm

Typically, a plot of land ranging from a few square meters to a few dozen square meters is allocated by the local government, agricultural cooperatives, or farmers for one person (or family) to grow the vegetables of their choice. You may not be able to cultivate the same plot continuously every year. We do not have a rice field or orchard.

Our civic garden is a large farm where members work together and are able to continue to farm.


Cooperative cultivation of a fairly large farm

A rice field (just under 2,000 square meters), a field (about 1,900 square meters in total in two locations), and an orchard (about 40 different kinds of fruit trees are being cultivated in 1,200 square meters) are cultivated every Saturday by the members who participate in the group (10 to 14 members on average each time). Despite its size, the number of participating members is small, so each person produces a lot of fruit. At a normal citizen’s farm, if you are absent from the farm due to travel or weather conditions, you will be surprised to see your fields overrun with weeds the following week. (Although we do have some difficulty in weeding the weeds).


Organic, pesticide-free rice can be grown in the rice paddies

There are very few farms where you can grow rice, but at the Club, you can experience the fun of growing rice, which is one of the roots of the Japanese people. In addition to rice, the club also produces flour for bread, medium-strength flour for making udon noodles, and gluten-free spelt wheat.


It makes no sense.

Even though it is a citizen’s farm, it is quite authentic. First of all, the group was founded in 2014 by six members who attended the “Preparatory School for Farming” (instructed by Mr. Mito Kaneko, Mr. Shigeru Yokota, Mr. Ryuichi Tashita, and Mr. Takeshi Kawamura) run by Mr. Mito Kaneko of Ogawa-machi, Saitama Prefecture, one of Japan’s leading organic farmers, and received instruction on organic, pesticide-free cultivation, so we are very particular about pesticide-free, organic, and natural cultivation! The rice we are growing is an old breed of rice called Norin 48. The rice we are growing is an old breed of rice called “Norin 48”, which was given to us by Mr. Yokota, the parent of Koshihikari, and is resistant to diseases and delicious.

Social gatherings are held every weekend (on request)

We have rented a house 3 minutes walk from the nearest station (Higashi-Urawa Station on the JR Musashino Line) and used it as our clubhouse. It’s a great place to have a cold beer with friends who have worked up a sweat with you after a day of farm work! A great bonus is that we are close to the train station, so you don’t have to drive to the station to get a drink and go home 😂‼‼ You won’t feel the loneliness of plowing alone and returning home alone at our club, as you would normally feel at a citizen’s farm.


Approximately 7 events per year.

The club promotes friendship among its members. Members and their friends enjoy about seven events a year (making miso from homegrown soybeans in February, cherry blossom viewing in March, rice planting in June, fireworks in August, rice harvesting in October, harvest festival in December, and rice cake making in December).


There are fields in preparation for farming and country life

If you want to farm or live in the countryside, we welcome you to join us. As a general rule, the club is only active every Saturday, so you are welcome to use the farmland we cultivate on weekdays to hone your farming skills and prepare for country life. We may also be able to introduce you to some nearby fields.

If you want to get safe food, friends and fields, please join us.

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