Bread Festival 2020

We had a bread festival on September 13.

This year 2020, five years after the Satoyama Club Minuma was established, we had our first BBQ on September 13, using wheat (variety: Hanamanten Strong Flour), rye and ancient spelt wheat grown without pesticides in our own fields.

On Sunday, September 13, 2020, Satoyama Club Minuma held an event “Bread Festival” at our farmland using three kinds of wheat (wheat: Hanamanten (the recommended variety of Saitama Prefecture), rye, and ancient wheat (spelt)) grown in the club’s own garden without chemicals. (To be precise, we grew and harvested our own spelt wheat , but since we did not keep the spelt wheat kenrnel sufficiently dry so that we could not use the wheat for processing into the spelt wheat flour, we purchased the flour from Mr. Shigeru Yokota, an organic farmer from Ogawa, Saitama, who is a mentor to our club.

Twenty-four members and their families attended the event, which was a great success.Under the guidance of a professional baker who is also a member of the Satoyama Club, we kneaded bread dough, made pizza dough, toppings, and “Genovese sauce” using basil from our own vegetable garden.We did BBQ at the same time. The bamboo charcoal we used for the BBQ was also home made ones using the bamboo truncks we cut at a field nearby.

The luxury event of making pesticide-free spelt wheat, rye and wheat flour, baking homemade bread and meat and eating it on the spot (while drinking craft beer) will be held again next year. If you are interested, we recommend that you first sign up for a trial session (up to 4 free sessions) by filling out the contact form.

Wheat fields (hanamanten, spelt wheat and rye) before the harvest

Kneading the bread dough and preparing the toppings for pizza and Genovese sauce.

A chatting session

Video of the spelt wheat field

Video of a rye field