Satoyama Club Minuma

Peach blossoms near the orchard in March

Satoyama Club Minuma

June 1, wheat harvest.

Satoyama Club Minuma

Planting Event of Rice Seedling

Satoyama Club Minuma

In early July, parenting is hard in every world

Satoyama Club Minuma

October 14, rice harvesting with parents and children

Satoyama Club Minuma

A Club for Those Seeking to Get Away from Work and Acquire Friends

Satoyama Club Minuma is a club for every adults who want to get away from the daily routine of work and participate freely in a variety of activities to deepen exchanges. Under the theme of “natural farming, living in the satoyama(countryside), and eating delicious and healthy food”, the club aims to promote people to meet, bond and have fun. it is like a community center where people can deepen their ties.

An introductory article was published in Rural News (February 20, 2017).

A club that enjoys natural farming

We are most active in natural farming since the club was established in spring 2016, and members have gathered every Saturday in the Minuma Tanbo paddy fields in Saitama City to enjoy natural farming without using pesticide or chemical fertilizer. Under the guidance of Mr. Shigeru Yokota, a natural farmer from Ogawa-machi, Saitama Prefecture, we are engaged in the natural cultivation of rice, wheat (for bread and udon noodles), soybeans (for making miso), vegetables and fruit trees (see the map below).

We rent a house 3 minutes walk from Higashi-Urawa station on the JR Musashino line and use it as our clubhouse, where we hold weekly get-togethers after our farm work.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at the address below.

Outline of the Satoyama Club Minuma (Farming Group)

  1. Number of members : 47 (If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us for your free trial participation ( up to four times ).
  2. Annual Membership Fee : ¥30,000 (payable every 6 month; ¥15,000), Family Membership Fee (¥36,000 per family, per year payable every six month; ¥18,000)
  3. Size of the farm: rice fields ( 2,000 square meters), vegetable fields (870 square meters in the old field and 1,300 square meters in the new field) and orchards (1,100 square meters) (layout map)
  4. Other facilities: Plastic greenhouse (50 m2), pipe house (50 m2 for storing agricultural equipment)
  5. Ourf farming equipment: understudy cultivator, standard cultivator, two binders, threshing machine, rice grinder, rice polishing machine, electric winnowing machine, straw crusher, compressor.

Annual Events

Satoyama Club Minuma holds the following events throughout the year to promote friendship among members. If you would like to attend one of these events, please feel free to join us. Please feel free to join us.

February: Making miso (using naturally grown soybeans picked by ourselves)

April: Cherry Blossom Viewing

June: Rice planting

July: Watch the Higashi-Urawa Fireworks Festival from the second floor of the club house.

October: Rice harvesting

December: Harvest Festival and Mochi Pounding Festival

March: Skiing event (some members only)

Future Plans

  1. We plant to set up a beekeeping box in the orchard to collect honey and use it with the fruit trees to make sweets.
  2. We would like to make bread using spelt wheat, which has been grown (and already harvested) since the time of ancient Egypt. (Calling all interested bakers.)


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guide map

Clubhouse: 1-15-12 Higashi-Urawa, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 336-0926, Japan
Minuma-Tambo: 12 minutes walk from JR Higashi-Urawa Station (about 40 minutes from JR Shinjuku Station or Tokyo Station)

The arrangement of the paddy fields

Take a look at the photos that tell the story of the activities that began on December 23, 2015.